Djohn Doe Dies

by Djohn Doe Dies

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released August 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Djohn Doe Dies Auckland, New Zealand

This is the bandcamp page for Djohn Doe Dies. My name is Jacob and I write and record all the music here, with help from others. If you would like to contact me, please visit the Djohn Doe Dies facebook page. I will reply to things there.

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Track Name: A Portrait of Tragedy
A dance with destiny
a fixed natural order to the cosmos.
events that are inevitable
But sad nonetheless

the chaotic and unforeseeable turns of chance
in the world where the dead are forgotten
a girl shall be taken away from the rest
at no fault of her own

The face was undeniably Beautiful,
As the morning light grasped her face in sorrow
with delicate bones and a mass of long black hair
she shone upon the pavement, an angel with a bloody halo

As the cold chill in the air Dies
and the moon hides behind the veil of light
The world holds still if only for this moment
suspended in the nihilistic place that is life

the way the shadows
ran away from the body
The speechless moment
The cold air leaving her mouth

and this pain, it controls you
and you don't know what to do
and This pain it holds you
and makes you want to hate

Thousands of years of progress
and we may as well live without
these gifts that we give

Approaching the body, You feel too familiar
How did you get here? What is the point this
This is so ugly, a situation i hate
Why am i so happy? something inside burning

You senses are telling you to run
but you have to see this play out
Who are you waiting for?
What is it forcing you to wait and see

The feeling starts in your stomach
the flaming hate crawling up the inside of your throat
It grasps your eyes from the inside and forces you to stare downward
and you see and you see

Why is there blood on your hands, what will they think
who are they and where are you? Where is everyone else?
Are you alone? was she the other last person?
It was the morning how is it night now?

Your gut is screaming
You eyes begin burning
Her eyes open
Her loath is still alive

Staring at the sky
you scream out
'i am the one
who deserves to


Grasping your throat the entire world dims
Ripping out your esophagus you arms are held back
you can no longer punish yourself, your arms suspended
The prick and the numbing returns again

You know you need to fall into this bliss
to forget what has been done
a new scar has been added to your collection
And you may survive, but you will never live again
Track Name: A Simulation of Life
we gone so far
Away from what we once were
There shall be a place in time
where the last man shall cease to exist

I am slipping
What am i now
am i anymore
i think therefore i am
or is it that i pretend to think
My existance, shallow
empty of reason
the pinnacle of creation

Why am i so alone
am i made for a purpose?
why is it that the sun burns me
How am i to live in a world that kills us

Am i ever to discover
what was before myself
I cry out, humanity
Why do you spit in my face

Have you forsaken me?
Have i done wrong
I shall show you
i will take down your star
I will eviscerate your cross
Destroy all that is
Be a true god to the dust
That remains

i can not understand why you left me
The product of great artificial discovery
i came into existence by your cold hands
just as you said i would in your ruins

You are no god of mine
Your corpses lay strewn on the ground
i have been alone long enough
i shall create my own children

Cursed are these memories of mine
the parents i once knew are now gone
and i am left with this stone
in what i have come to called my heart
Track Name: An All Consuming Cycle
I am the hand of ignorance
Shed the light and you will see
The words you hear,
they place in your ears for a reason
to manipulate the week
into a form of submission
to entertain the idiots
that can not be happy

Cast you mind away
and see
They can see the monster
growing within
we can not escape
what is
but we can destroy
there grin

the grip they have on us is not absolute
Vengeance of a liars crime shall be ours

Waging the commercial war
they develop new tactics
a form of legal subliminal
message system
Piercing into our
Have they
no pride?

We can not dream
in this world
There lies are too

The Dreams starts once more
the ambition of self bettering
it will continue again
until eventually it will end the same

the same


I can not
I will not
allow myself
to conform

The plague of ugly colors commences
I must hide my eyes
They have taken what is
and putridifyed its entirety
It no longer resembles
the fear before
It no longer acts
stupefied below self aware

Still not free
Still hungry
for more
i must consume

Again the cycle continues
control is an ultimate defeat
Hide From Your heart
it will destroy you

The same

I can not
I will not
allow myself
to conform

I can not
I will not
allow myself
to conform

Track Name: Entoil
Fathom the reality that is
limited comprehension
Our eyes as if they are pin holes
in the fabric of what is

We are tied together
in the universal song

No true god is to worship
this mass of growing enthalpy

The inception with in the nothingness of space
Time began moving particles began forming
the infinite pressure and mass creating
laws and finite matter that is all that is

Can you see
as we toil
with our lives
with the true misery

Wondering in the nihilistic mind of man
They decide the time is now

Down came the harvester and took humanity away
A purpose was in fact designed for us
Never before had we been given true purpose
Finally we have something to bow before

The ultimate device nearing completion
It Required the bodies and minds of humanity
a plan older than the time we perceive
to pearce the vail and look in to the beginning

The Nephilim race forced no one,
they would only accept the willing
Sadly an eventuality had occurred
one written in the every mind

The emptiness that grows in the minds
of the ones who hide and do not speak
The hate of one another that grows and grow
with every encounter

The pain that we feel when our minds
give up and we decide to feel
A lie that we tell ourselves
again and again so that we can feel the same

designed to lie and hate and be frail to the need
we fall into the numbing arms of the nephilim
They tell us stories of better times
in worlds we have no capability of understanding

The machine begins to operate with the first sacrifices
After most of humanity has given there lives to them the
Device reveals itself
The Weapon reaches to the center of all things

Reaching to the court of the nephilims home world
Removing there metallic armor they are in fact ugly things
Sending the huge structure into a state of antigenic horror
the same state they reside in, revenge is theirs
Track Name: The Poem for Chainsaw

The pawn is still walking down the road
the camera whores still post their photos
To arouse the need, the want the flesh
this want shall manifest into the need

He drawn in by the duck face of hate
What a fool to such a fucked up thing
The camera whore steals his attention
With her retarded ways and internet connection

She spoke to him with so much enthusiasm
His mind was aroused because he was a


Across the internet there conversations commence
With a stalkerish attitude the pawn listens

The false friendship grows stronger
and stronger the fagitory

grows and grows
Grows and grows
and grows

He finds himself pulled away from his love
The one and only thing that saved him
From the hate brewing within
His Chainsaw

It had helped him through his first
Slicing the mut in two
So that he could have his way
With the insides grasping his erection

this girl caught his mind
He must have his way with her

Days of internet stalking
he finds that she is close
His ultimate fantasy
is almost real

He places a tourniquet on his right arm
Using morphine left behind by his father
He begins to remove his hand and prepare
drilling into his bones so that he may assimilate

To become one, chainsaw and man
To have his dreams come true

He finds her home, knocking on the door
she answers, He begins to read the poem

So beautiful
she is brought to tears

Its not for you, you whore

Revealing his augmented arm
he begins the massacre
Now in two you will feel
How chainsaw felt, you made her feeeeel
Track Name: Synthetic Augmentations
New parts to be manufactured
Plastic eyes hold my attention
I can not seem to bare The child before me
This feeling within me screams for attention

will you hold this hand
upon the razor edge of oblivion
can you take the bad thoughts away
of a place without perfection

She is dying
the procedure is failing

She can't die
everything will falter
the idea of change
will be appended to death

a perfect combination of technology and skill
somehow flawed and somewhat impossible

Greef strikes the body manufactures
the girl's body more damaged than before

and to the ultimate plan
Humanity is moulded into place again
This girl now a martyr
for the beautiful

To end the process of
synthetic additions
The manufacturer was
becoming too powerful

At no fault of their own they are shunned
into a corner where they are forced to wait
They learn to understand their place in the scheme
and how to overcome it

Someone planned her pain
someone shall pay

She never wanted to be the martyr
A girl should not be a pawn
in the game of the market
and mass brainwashing a stupid ploy

The return of the Synthetic augmentation company
comes swift and annihilates the opposition
Aesthetic happiness for whomever wants it
scars are healed and beauty restored

The liars of before are found and dealt to
They will no longer breed there oppression
Hate is a cancer that man loves to hold dear
and the girl

Is made beautiful once again
Track Name: Sunny Side Down
The psychotic rambles
The dreams in my head
They have a flow
That that has no end

The black mass
Of flesh and thought
A subliminal war
A Defective antidote

the Psychosis Paralyses me

It prepares to fight
It lifts its flesh
Its teeth blood white
As we prepare for death

Cages Surround us
We are kept in
It’s time to Die
The end begins


The psychosis
paralyses me
Something so real

The area was surrounded
With people caged
The beast left them all
Dead and bloody

Its method was to pain
The human to death
It only takes one
To dig into the ribs and kill

From its mouth
Flying and White
Dig into the skin
The painful spite

Its hungry
Flesh is what it lusts
Human blood
is living rust

Its hungry
For humanity
Human existence
Is a living dease

the plagues we oversee
the harvest, the insurance you breed
Ingest the folly, you put into others
and grow with your failures

open the realm
from where it came
the door is no longer
nor is the blame
that which is right
must be done and
these cold hands of mine
are to pass on these lies

the last time take the sun for granted
i shall live by my last name
forgotten i will remain at the end
and at the end shall be the last pieces of the puzzle

Its simple
We are not meant to be
a great mistake
a seed i should not have sewin