Above Me is Hell

by Djohn Doe Dies

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We cannot seeeee!!

All but what we're meant to see
Just behind their lies the millions cry
for their fallen brothers
that are taken from homes to kill all that they know.

They shoot without names
and without them they fall
and when fallen they walk
into nowhere at all

The soldiers fight for immortality
They are imprisoned for eternity,
fooled by their kings
Under the guise of preservation

The generals drag the thousands of
desperate souls, the lies they're told
in greed for power, the power of greed
to kill the innocent and keep the world for


And send these souls to hell.

For Once again

They cannot hear the lies
the propaganda speaks unto their demise
Up at the skys, Death shrieks, bombs fly
Fake eyes tell of what they see

These demons cant see whats real
add and subtract an arm and a leg and you
get a pile of limbs, and not a soul to worship
the gorse that you sow and the weeds that you reap


released February 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Djohn Doe Dies Auckland, New Zealand

This is the bandcamp page for Djohn Doe Dies. My name is Jacob and I write and record all the music here, with help from others. If you would like to contact me, please visit the Djohn Doe Dies facebook page. I will reply to things there.

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